Stay Hydrated, My Friends

It’s a simple fact the human body needs water and the more active you are, the more water you need to stay hydrated.

Up to 60% of the adult human body is water. So how much water does an adult need to drink each day? The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends men get roughly three liters of total beverage intake every day, and women get 2.2 liters. (Approximately – 1 liter = 32 ounces = 1 quart US)

One of the best ways to remain hydrated is to drink water. Whether at work or at play, I would recommend carrying a safe reusable glass bottle filled with water; either flavored water or plain water.

Simply fill your glass bottle at the water cooler while at work and keep it on your desk. You will be surprised at the amount of water you end up drinking because the water is right in front of you all day long. When working out, having your glass bottle filled with your favorite drink allows you to stay hydrated. Most gyms, yoga studios and other facilities have a water station or a water cooler at their location so you can fill up your reusable bottle when you arrive and stay hydrated while you’re there.

Take a glass reusable bottle with you when you do errands, or meet with friends.  It shows people your commitment to the environment by not having a plastic prefilled one time use bottle.

So staying thirsty (dehydrated) my friends can lead to many issues, some include; Dry mouth, Dry Skin, Headache, and many other issues.

As the Dos EquisTM, Most interesting man in the world says, “Stay thirsty my friends”, I am changing it for drinking water…“I don’t always drink water but when I do, it keeps me hydrated.”

So…..Stay Hydrated My Friends!!

What is the Safest Glass Reusable Bottle in the World?

Most people choose glass over other drinking materials, that’s why 85 percent of Americans agree that things just taste better in glass*and use it in their home.

So what is the safest glass bottle to drink from on the go? Looking over the options, if someone wants to drink from glass on the go, people are rightly concerned with the possibility of dropping a glass container in public and the resulting mess of broken sharp glass and liquid that will occur.  For that reason, most people shy away from taking glass outside the home.

Glass bottles with rubber boot and silicon coverings with holes and slots, although better, suffer a similar fate if dropped and broken. Liquid everywhere and possible sharp glass shards that could harm you in cleaning up the mess. Also, because of the covering on these reusable glass bottles, your drink is not fully visible.  In addition to that, cleaning the bottle requires you to remove the covering and to clean the covering separately.   Then you need to replace the cover, which is sometimes difficult to do. Some bottles recommend using drops of liquid soap to ‘slide’ the covering back onto the glass, and then rinsing the exterior of the bottle.

Other glass bottles in the market place are covered in wood, removable plastic coverings, metal and other materials to lessen the chance of breakage. One of the many draw backs of these bottles is the multiple parts. Some of these bottles contain 4 and 5 parts to disassemble and reassemble! What if you lose one of the parts, then it’s difficult if not impossible to use again.  In addition, you have the problem of not seeing what you’re drinking on most of these products due to the coverings.

The PURE Glass Bottle is the only glass bottle on the market that allows you to see the liquid you are drinking 100% and has only two parts; the bottle and the cap. Should the bottle accidently be broken when the cap is on, all glass stays within and adhered to the exterior clear SAFE-SHELL coating so clean-up and disposal is mess free.  Once broken, the bottle can be put in a glass recycling bin since the FDA tested coating safely ‘vaporizes’ in the high temperature of glass recycling.


*April 2011 Omnibus survey of 1,000 consumers in the continental U.S.


Welcome to summer. For some of us, the best time of year. The sun is shinning, the beaches are open and the outdoors beckon us. Summer is also a time when we should all remember to hydrate regularly. Here are some tips to stay hydrated and fully enjoy the season.

Start each day with a glass of water but no ice. Make it the first thing you drink in the morning even before your coffee, it help replace any fluids lost overnight. Remember to take a pure bottle of water with you to drink in your car or refill throughout the day.

Eat two to three servings of fruit or vegetables at every meal. Fruits and veggies contain water and minerals that are beneficial in helping the body absorb fluids.

Create water breaks for yourself. Tailor your drinking to your needs and do it in a planned manner.

Whenever possible choose water over sugary drinks.

Summer is here! Let’s enjoy it by making sure that we are well hydrated. And remember to show some glass.




Just got back from the friendly south. Our show was a huge success. Met a ton of interesting people and companies. Got a chance to share our product line, which was really well received. A big thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement. We were really blown away with the reception that our products received. It was so good to see that people genuinely love what we are producing. The comments, interest and orders we a huge shot in the arm. We also greatly appreciate those who support our mission to create products that in some way help our environment. It was thrilling to see all the support around reuse, and to truly connect with people who want to leave a positive legacy.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation and growing those relationships. On to Dallas.

PURE on the Road


We will be exhibiting in two upcoming shows. So come on out and see us at                  The Atlanta Gift Show, January 9 – 15, 8th Floor, Building 2  and then at the           Dallas Home & Gift Show, January 17 – 22, Thomas & Moore Showroom, Dallas Trade Mart. If you are in the area drop by and see what we have for the upcoming year.


PURE Glass Bottle, Inc. has become Part of  the Precidio Group of Companies, located in Toronto Canada, a company with worldwide distribution, in hydration and related products.  Marc Heinke, President of Precidio and Walt Himelstein, President of Pure Glass Bottle, Inc., located in Owings Mills, Maryland USA began discussions about joining forces in March 2012, after meeting at the International Housewares Show in Chicago.  Intrigued by the Patent Pending coating and process developed by Mr. Himelstein, Mr. Heinke tested the product, investigated opportunities to position the product in the market place by developing a line of reusable glass bottles to meet the needs of different consumers.  The company has plans to take the product “global” in 2013. Over the past 6 months, the Precidio’s team of designers and marketing teams have been busy developing new designs, and laying out a strategy roll out of new products over the coming year.


Mr. Himelstein stated, “Affiliating with a company like Precidio Design, and having a partner like Marc, is a dream come true.  His expertise in manufacturing, distribution and marketing will allow us to develop a comprehensive line of safe reusable glass drinking bottles, that can be carried outside of the home without fear of injury or spills should the glass bottle break.”  Marc Heinke stated, “I have been looking for an opportunity to develop a hydration product unique to the reusable glass bottle market. When I saw the PURE Glass Bottle demonstrated at the Home Show, it was clear to me that Walt developed a solution to a problem that industry leaders had been searching for.”  Being marketed under the name PURE SAFE-SHELL, reusable glass bottles are now selling in  stores in the US and Canada and we are ramping up our distribution network to launch our new product line.  In addition, manufacturers from Africa, Italy, France andEngland have approached the company to see if the SAFE-SHELL Technology coating can be applied to their glass products. Mr. Heinke stated, “It is clear that we have solved a problem in the market place. Now we hope to get it into the hands of consumers throughout North America, so they can enjoy the crisp clean taste of their favorite beverage in a reusable glass bottle, in the car, at the office, on the tennis court, by the pool. No other reusable glass bottle offers the advantages of a clear non-removable coating that is BPA free and a safety coating that protects the consumer should the glass break”.

Spice Up Your Water

Do you think water is a “boring” beverage?  Is it your first beverage choice when you are thirsty? Most of us reach for a soda, lemonade, or other beverage before going to the water “tap”.  Well, water is not boring anymore.  We can jazz it up to create our own healthy Flavored Water! With a little creativity you can mix and match flavors to create an infinite number of beverage choices using all of the many varieties of flavors in the world.

You may not know this but it is a scientific fact that more things dissolve in water than any other liquid. That is why water is known as the ‘Universal Solvent’.  You can change the taste of water by adding an infinite variety of “flavoring agents”–fruit, vegetable, protein drink, cinnamon stick, or flavoring extract. Your choices are limited only by your imagination.

But enough science. Let’s get down to the good stuff, mixing in flavors to your PURE Glass Water bottle….Flavor Enhanced Water! Following the recipe and you will create the most successful (flavorful) result.

 Today we are going to make Lemon Cucumber water. Ingredients: ½ Lemon – 5 slices of Cucumber – ice cubes – 500 ml of tap water.  (By the way, is a cucumber a fruit or vegetable? read this-

Ok, to begin….Start with an empty Pure Glass Bottle.  Cut lemon & cucumber into circular slices to expose water the largest surface area to get the greatest flavor.

Add 10-12 ice cubes to the lemon/cucumber mix, then add water and fill bottle to the top.

Put top on bottle and shake the bottle by turning over the bottle 4-6 times. This method allows for the flavoring of the fruit to spread through the water evenly.

Then drink as required by thirst!

Now you are asking yourself what is the benefit drinking lemon and cucumber in water beyond the great taste? Here’s the answer:

And remember you can refill your PURE Bottle at least 2-3 times or more during the same day and enjoy the benefits of the flavor of the fruit.

-Next time we are going to talk about water and little known facts.


Keep It Pure


Welcome to the PURE glass bottle blog. We wanted to do something a little bit different in this space. Obviously we have products that we want to sell. They are products that we strongly believe in and we feel that they are unique. So we will be sharing news and information as it relates to these products.

But more than that, we want to use this space to have real and meaningful conversations. There are many issues around hydration and the safety of different materials and chemicals that are associated with manufacturing, processing and delivery of these items.

We want to be able to offer factual information from many different sides of each conversation. We want to stay clear of fear tactics and deal with the facts. More than just selling products we want to bring some truth, clarity and insights to the issues.

We will be reaching out to many different sources in getting to the relevant facts that affect us all. We will be looking to scientists, among whom we have Walt Himelstein who invented the PURE glass bottle and who has over 23 years as an environmental chemist. In addition to Walt, we have the experience of Marc Heinke. Marc has been in the business of design, development and manufacturing of hydration products for over 25 years. He brings with him a ton of diverse experience in a multitude of materials and manufacturing processes.

And we will be you, the readers of this blog. We hope that you will reach out and share your experiences, comments and even concerns. Together we can get to the heart of each issue. We can filter fact and fiction. We can clarify real concerns and issues from hearsay and pseudo news.

So let’s get to know each other and let the conversations begin.

Looking Ahead

A company that wants to inspire and have positive effects on people cannot stand still. It has to keep moving and keep innovating. We’ve adopted that way of looking at things. Our aim is to constantly evolve and offer more and better products.

We are currently looking at different incarnations of our Pure glass bottle. So stay tuned for some interesting offerings. And remember to keep it Pure.